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Full-Service PPC Managment Charges

For Lead Generation SitesCall My business AdsFor Shopping Sites
Google Search Ads ($25)Google Search Ads ($25)Google Search Ads ($25)
Google Display Ads ($25)Google Display Ads ($25)Google Display Ads ($25)
Remarketing Ads ($20)Remarketing Ads ($20)Remarketing Ads ($20)
----Call-Only Ads ($30)Shopping campaigns ($60)
Google My Business (free)Google My Business (free)Google My Business (free)
Total Setup Cost : $70Total Setup Cost : $100Total Setup Cost : $130


  • The applicable account handling cost does not include the credit for your Google Ads account. It will be charged separately by Google.
  • Account handling charges are payable in advance. 
  • Project cost may vary depending upon the size of the project, the number of campaigns, and the amount of effort require.