Top 5 Internet Browsers in the world.

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A Internet Browser is a software program, which allows to access different types of website over the internet.
A browser is a means to present and explore content on different websites and provides a gateway to the internet.
Internet browser has a navigation toolbar that helps you to find ways around the Internet and view resources that are stored on a server. The very first internet browser was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, which is known as World Wide Web. Afterwards there have been many different web browsers introduced over the years. Some of the top rated web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera browser. These all browsers are available on internet for free download and use.


1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most reliable and fastest internet browsers with advance security features. It has wide range of easily obtained and installed extensions. This browser automatically updates, so you don’t have to manually download each fix or new updated version. Along with these rich features, this browser also supports the parental control and private browsing option called Incognito Mode. Click to download


2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is compatible with all operating systems, and is well known for its reliability and security. This browser have lots of advance features like,  high performance, constant updates, and customizable interface. There are wide range of extensions and plugins in this browser that comes with lots of powerful developer tools. The only drawback is that Mozilla doesn’t have any live tech support in case you need help. Click to download


3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft browser is well known for Ease of access. This browser introduced as the official web browser for Windows 10 operating system in 2015. This browser is the upgraded release of Internet Explorer browser with more efficient, more responsive, and more secure features. It is designed to be a lightweight web browser.  Some of the best features of this browser are Built-in security, tracking protection, Fast installation, Hardware acceleration, deployment and control. This browser provides a faster and more consistent experience across websites. Click to download


4. Safari Web

Safari browser introduced by Apple technologies, which is well known for its reliability and security features. This browser is compatible with Mac or IOS operating system. Some of the advance features of this browser are, popup blocking, multiple tab browsing and built-in search functionality. It helps you to find specific text on a page and some parental controls. It quickly loads pages and gives an alternative way to the users for experiencing the internet. Click to download


5. Opera

Opera is known for being fast and stable internet browser.  Some of the advance features of this browser are Crash recovery, Instant back, Tab closing, Rewind and Duplicate this tab. In addition it also provides widgets, thumbnail preview for tabs, page customization, Speed Dial,  Tab Arrangements & Placements, Stacking Tabs and Opera Turbo. By having all these advance features opera is listed within top 5 internet browsers in the world. Click to download


So which one is your preferred Browser to access internet?

“Choose the best one and browse the world on a single click”


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