Top 5 proven ways to make money with your blog:

Hi there,

Today, I am going to help you with some profitable tips to get yourself energized. I know many of you are looking to earn some extra income along with your regular job or while you´re in your learning phase.

If you´re thinking in this way, then you´re all set to get started now itself!

To make an online income, you need to have a blog website up and running for yourself. If you already have a blog website, then nothing can stop you now!

If NOT, then you can follow this guide to have your blog website up and running online.

Whenever you thought of making money via blogging, the first option ping in your mind is advertising. And off-course, advertising is the best possible way to make money via blogging. That too becomes easy if you´re running a self-hosted WordPress website.

It is not a limited process, as there are different ways of monetizing your blog website. So without wasting any extra time, let´s begin with the learning.

1. Make money via Google Adsense:

In today´s world, no one is unknown about the Google search engine. However, Google is not just limited to provide search guidance. Google is a lot more than you think of it.

Google has a lot of products or services along with its search engine platform, Such as; Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google My Business, Google Payment Services, and many more.

But let me tell you, here you need to know about Google Adsense services because this is the easiest way to make online income.

If you´re already running your blog website, then you can simply paste a Google Adsense script within your website header area, and apply for account approval.

Once your Google Adsense account is approved, It will start showing automated ads on your blog website. Now, you´ll get paid for each click on your website ad directly by Google Adsense.

These type of ads is known as Cost Per Click or CPC ads. By displaying CPC ads on your website, you generate online income for every click made by your visitors.

This is the reason why Google Adsense is the best way to make online income via blogging.

Also, If you want to advertise your product on the Google platform as an advertiser, then you can follow this guide.

Now, let´s move further with the next process.

2. Make money via Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money via blogging, why I´m saying this because I´m also using the same way to monetize my blog website.

Affiliate marketing is the process of referring a product or service on your blog website to get paid by the advertiser.

It means that whenever you recommend a product or service to your website visitors using a referral link, and if someone buys that product or service through your reference, then you get a decent commission for that sell.

You can read this article to know how I made my first affiliate sale of $100.

Just take an example of a credit card company. Every credit card company comes with an offer called ¨refer a friend and earn¨. In this process, you need to refer your friend to the credit card company to earn a referral bonus.

Similarly, you can earn online income via your blog website with the help of Affiliate marketing. You just need to focus on your blog niche reference, and you´re good to go with the Affiliate marketing process.

To know more about affiliate marketing, click here.

3. Earn money via sponsored blog posts:

To understand the process of sponsored posts, let´s make a scenario. Suppose you´re running a popular blog website, and I´m a business owner of a specific product.

Now, I´ll approach you to write an article on your blog website for my product review, for which I´ll pay you some decent amount of money.

The best part of sponsored ads is, you don´t need to show any ads graphic in between your blog post. It means that your visitors don´t face any issue while reading your blog articles.

With sponsored ads, you directly get paid by the advertisers for reviewing their products.

To get started with sponsored ads, you need to have a large number of visitors on your blog website so that advertisers can approach you to reach more customers.

4. Earn money by selling your products or services:

Whenever you refer any product or service of third party business, you get paid for that sell. Whereas in this case, you´re responsible for your profit.

On your blog website, you can sell digital products like E-book.

Selling an E-book is very easy; you can simply convert your blog or articles into E-books and sell them on your website to make an online income.

To sell your product or services, you need to build trust between your visitors. You can sell various products or services related to your blog niche.

Likewise, I am providing Google Ads services for my clients.

It also helps you to make your brand value. Branding yourself helps you with a lot of new career opportunities.

5. Launch an online course to make money:

You can make a lot of income with online courses in a very shorter period.

You can take an example of Udemy or Coursera. Both of these are well-known brands for selling online courses and making millions of dollars every year.

Similarly, if you’re running a blog website, you can also start selling online courses on your website and make a lot of money.

It could be a digital resources link, books, or media kits, or else, you can make video content for regular learning.

Most of the world’s leading bloggers are making money by using this online technique.

Nowadays, everyone is moving towards online learning concepts to ease their learning process. This is like a silver spoon in the mouth of a digital creator.

You can also grab these opportunities directly from your website and make money by selling courses on your blog.



There are a lot more options for you to make money via blogging.

You just need to make sure about starting a blog website and making some strategies to increase more traffic towards your blog.

Once you start getting human traffic on your blog website, then you’re good at making a lot of money.

You just need to choose your best monetization method to apply to your blog and start making online income. All the best!

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