What is online data breach? Overview and Prevention

Data Breach overview:

A data breach is a terminology that involves unauthorized access and retrieval of sensitive data, by an individual or group of people from a system without the knowledge or authorization of the owner. A data breach is a major concern for cybersecurity because sensitive or confidential data is constantly being transmitted over the internet by bypassing network security infrastructure.

Some common practices of data breaches:

What is personal data beach?

A personal data breach is a security incident that has affected the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of personal data. A personal data breach occurs when an unauthorized hacker or attacker accesses the sensitive or confidential data, of an individual such as credit card details, financial or medical information, and personal storage data.

What is the organizational data breach?

An organizational data breach is a kind of cybersecurity trap which happens when legal and confidential data falls into the wrong hand without the knowledge of the owner. This type of data breach may result in huge data loss of a small company or a large organization, including all the confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information, which may also involve financial losses for the company.

How to prevent online data breaches?

  • Make sure confidential information stays confidential.
  • Be aware of appropriate handling and protection of sensitive data.
  • Keep business and personal accounts separate.
  • Identify phishing or spam emails.
  • Routinely change passwords and Increase Internet security.
  • Don’t rely on encryption as your only method of defence.
  • Set one day a week to monitor your credit card statements

“Secure your confidential data over the internet and maintain your privacy, because they want what you’ve got. Don’t give it to them. ” 



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