How to create a WordPress website using Elementor and Astra theme?

Hi there,

Today, I’ll show you how to use the Elementor webpage builder to create a dynamic website.

In this blog, I’ll walk you through the step by step process to create a beautiful web design.

You know, creating a website like “” can take a lot of effort, and that too without having any knowledge about coding skills used to be near impossible.

However, I would like to say thanks to the WordPress platform and plugins like Elementor, for making this dream come true in reality.

In this digital guide, I’ll show you how to use WordPress and Elementor to create a beautiful looking website and walk you through the entire steps. So, let’s begin with the process!

About WordPress and Elementor:

WordPress platform is the worlds leading content management system that can be easily downloaded and used for free with the help of website hosting panel.

It can help you to create any type of website; that could be a blog or a large scale business website.

On the other side, Elementor helps you to design the front end of your website. It is an easy-to-use web page builder that is capable of designing a fully responsive web page.

Prerequisite to create a dynamic website:

  • Domain name & website hosting
  • WordPress platform
  • Astra theme
  • Elementor web builder

We’ll use the Astra theme for the pre-designed templates to create the web pages and customization. Let’s start creating your website;

Get the domain name and web hosting for your website:

The first step is to get a domain name and website hosting for your website.

A domain name is the virtual address of your website that people type in the web browser to access your website. Whereas; web hosting is an online service that helps you to launch your website on the internet.

There are several hosting providers in the market. But, you don’t need to worry about that because I have already selected the top three web hosting providers for you. You can compare and choose any of these web hosting providers.

To follow along with the tutorial, we’ll be using SiteGround hosting. To get started, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit SiteGround and select managed WordPress hosting.
  • Choose the hosting plan as per your requirement.
  • Now, enter your desired domain name to check if it’s available.
How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?
  • Review and complete your order by entering your account, payment, and purchase information.
How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?
How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?
How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?

Once you’ve successfully signed up for the hosting plan, you will receive a welcome email from Siteground along with the details related to your account. You’ll also find the login link to your hosting account area and use the username and password to log into your account.

Install the WordPress platform for website management:

Once you have logged into your hosting account, you’ll get the option to log in to the cPanel dashboard. Within cPanel, you just need to click on the WordPress icon and follow the steps to install the WordPress platform.

The required steps will ask you to enter a username and password along with some other details. By the end, click on the Finish installation button and wait for WordPress to be installed.

How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?

Once you’ve installed the WordPress account, you need to enter your username and password that you’ve set up and click Login to access your WordPress dashboard.

Install Astra theme for the pre-designed templates:

To get started with the website design, first of all, we need to install the website template.

For this, login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes.

Now, search for Astra theme, and then click Install. Once successfully installed, click on Activate. Also, you need to install its free companion Starter Templates plugin.

How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?

Once you’ve installed the Astra theme and Astra Starter templates plugin, you’re ready to import your website design. To do that, go to Appearance → Astra Options → Starter Templates.

After this, make sure to select the Elementor page builder plugin for web page design.

Install Elementor web page builder:

To install the Elementor plugin, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard. There you need to navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Now, search for Elementor and click Install. After installation, click on Activate.

How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?

To take full advantage of Elementor’s feature, you need to upgrade the plan to Elementor Pro.

First of all, you need to visit and purchase the Pro version of the plugin then install and activate it.

After activation, you’ll need to enter the Pro version license by going to your WordPress dashboard and navigating to Elementor > License.

Customize your website using Astra theme and Elementor plugin:

After installation of the Elementor plugin and Astra Starter templates plugin, you can see all the possible starter templates you can import.

Here, you’ll get the option to choose from Astra premium templates marked as, “Agency” or you can use the “Free” tab instead.

How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?

After you have selected a perfect template for your website, then click on it. Here I’m using the “Outdoor Adventure” theme for this tutorial.

Once clicked, you’ll get the option to “Import complete site” at the bottom bar.

How To Create A WordPress Website Using Elementor And Astra Theme?

After the process is finished, click on the “View Site” option to preview your website design.

Now, you can start adding the web pages to your website for customization. To do that, go to Pages → Click → Add new.

After this click on the “Edit with Elementor” option, you’ll be redirected to the Elementor page builder dashboard.

Here you can start customizing your web page as per your desired need.

After customizing the webpage, you can review your design. Similarly, you can design your other web pages and publish them live on the internet.

You can also design your Astra theme directly from the Customization panel. To access the Customizer, go to WordPress dashboard → Appearance → Customize.

From Customizer panel, you can edit your website Header, Footer, Menus, Widgets, and many more.

There’s a lot more you can get with the Pro versions of Astra and Elementor.

If you want more features, both Astra and Elementor have pro versions that offer extra functionality. Those advance feature gives you even more control and, flexibility in building your website.


Building a website using Astra and Elementor gives you the capability to customize your WordPress website without having any knowledge about coding skills.

You can customize your WordPress website using its simple controls and drag-and-drop editing.

Astra is the lightweight WordPress theme, built with a focus on speed and usability. Whereas; Elemntor is the world’s leading WordPress page builder with active installation over 4,000,000+ worldwide.

I hope that I’ve covered almost every aspect of using the leading web builders. Now, it’s your turn to design beautiful web pages for your blog or business website. All the best!

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